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Moving Forward from PTSD


Julia has helped me when I thought I couldn't be helped. I had been to therapy before but the techniques they used left me angry and worse off after each session, so I quit going. Years later I decide to give therapy another try and I met Julia. She listened to my experiences with therapy in the past and recognized the route in which we were to proceed. She heard me when I thought nobody could and continues to hear me today to help me move forward through my PSTD. I don't know what shape I'd be in today had I not started seeing her. I'm very grateful to say the least. 

John E.

Moving Forward from Trauma

I had such a wonderful experience working with Julia. I had struggled for years with depression and anxiety from childhood and military related trauma. Julia helped me to smile again and helped me with the tools I needed to feel normal. I am forever grateful.



My Journey

I am a medically retired SGM with two service dogs.  After a deployment to Iraq (2008-2009) I never imagined or thought I would be so disabled as to require a service dog or need counseling.  I was diagnosed with PTSD complimented with triggers from years of trauma as a child.  This reduced my ability to feel comfortable in public; I did not leave my home or engage with society.

My journey has been long and filled with mood swings, angry loud blow-ups, depression, anxiety, isolating myself, while trying to manage the physical injuries.  Sometimes I couldn't breathe, I would cry uncontrollably.  I had years of silent suffering and went to several counselors.  I finally received help from my current therapist at Soldier-Center, where my therapist used EMDR in weekly counseling sessions, 


 I am able to manage my life now.  There are not enough words to list all of the positive results I have experienced and continue to experience from the counseling I received from Julia.  


Healing My Past

In 2017 I had almost completely destroyed my marriage in an act of sin against my wife.  We began counseling with our local pastor, who was absolutely amazing in marital counseling.  However throughout my counseling with my pastor, my past history of sexual abuse became an issue in which he advised us to seek professional counseling.  We found Julia Waskiewiez, LMFT. 


Julia was able to provide not only a professional trauma based therapy, but also therapy from a Christian based perspective.  She provided wonderful counseling for not just my sexual abuse related issues, but also provided  marital counseling as well.  She certainly was a God send to our marriage.  I am happy to report that our marriage and family are doing great by God's grace, and Julia's counseling.  We highly recommend her to anyone who has experienced similar problems in their lives.   


Matt H. 

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