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Julia A.Waskiewicz

Founder and Owner

Trauma Recovery Center PLLC


About Me

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

BS Psychology, Austin Peay State University

MA Marriage & Family Therapy, Liberty University

EMDR Certified

Approved EMDR Consultant

Specializing in therapy for veterans, active duty military, first responders, women, children, adolescents, couples, and families using evidence based trauma focused treatment with EMDR.  May provide Christian centered counseling according to client preference.

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Specializing in Treatment for Trauma, Couples and Children, and Therapy for Veterans, Military, and First Responders.

Couples Therapy
Children/ Adolescents

Trauma is an upsetting event or series of events that can happen to anyone at any age.  Trauma can be singular or a series of cumulative events and when not sufficiently networked in the brain can result in recurring dreams and intrusive thoughts and images in state specific form at the time the event(s) occurred.  Sometimes trauma is so invasive or pervasive that the individual may try to avoid or contain disturbing events and cope through dissociation, alcohol or drugs, defense mechanisms, or other self-destructive behaviors. 

Whether we like it or not, couples often bring their past history of relationships with them into their current relationship.  I believe the reason why so many marriages fail today is due to unprocessed hurt and rejection from the past.  In couples therapy both must be willing to work on their own issues as well as listen to what the other has to say.  

I have had the privilege and honor of working with children starting at age 3.  We begin by forming a trusting relationship built on their language, play.  Children love to draw, sing, build, dance, and express themselves through play.  When we enter their world of play, they can begin to trust us as adults and share their own painful experiences.  

Veterans, Military, and First Responders

I am grateful for the training and mentoring at Soldier-Center by our leader, E.C. Hurley, Phd.  Our military personnel and first responders have an incredibly unique set of symptoms that require a more specialized treatment using EMDR.  Guilt, shame, and moral injury are an extensive part of the healing process for this elite group.  Unresolved grief and depression often occur with the loss of friends in combat or responding to critical incidents, or to suicide.  Transitioning from military to civilian life is often difficult and many struggle with feeling they no longer have purpose. 

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